Data Analytics

At Business Energy Insight, we love data! And we think it should be the basis of every big decision. We have developed tools and techniques for analysing large quantities of data, and are pleased to offer our data analytics services to energy users, energy auditors, and designers of renewable & remote area power systems.

We have experience with many types of data, including data from power meters and power monitors, solar inverters and battery charge controllers, SCADA systems and vehicle networks.


Detailed Electricity Bill Analysis

We always start our analysis with a review of your energy bills, and an analysis of the available energy use data. This helps locate and quantify significant areas of energy use, and guides the rest of the analysis process. We are able to reconstruct your bill, as per your existing supply contract with your electricity retailer.

We can compare the total cost of your existing contract with standard contracts or offers from various energy retailers, and negotiate with energy retailers on your behalf. We identify changes and trends in energy use or tariffs that explain variation in your energy costs,
and highlight the relative significance of different components of the charges and what can be done to reduce them.


Energy Efficiency & Demand Management

Where appropriate, we then do a rigorous engineering analysis of the energy flows to pinpoint energy waste. We have experience with various energy sources, including Electricity, Gas and Diesel. Where sufficient data exists, we can identify and quantify cost savings from controlling your electrical loads.

Large and complex sites may require installation of additional power monitoring devices. We work with suppliers to specify known best practice solutions, and we innovate to find new solutions for unusual applications and specific needs.


Solar, Batteries & Backup Generation

Onsite generation and storage of electricity may be desirable for reasons of cost reduction, energy security or increased capacity. Where historical energy use data is available, we can offer a rigorous assessment, so you can select the option that meets your needs and provides the best financial return on your investment.

Solar generation generally has a payback of only a few years, provided the appropriate system size is chosen. We take the guesswork out of determining the optimal system size to match your energy use patterns. A poorly sized or inappropriately controlled battery storage system can have payback times of over a decade.

Correct selection and design for the shortest possible payback requires a detailed analysis of your energy use and generation.